About ACBC

Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture is an independent, autonomous Centre committed to research into important bioethical issues affecting the whole community - locally, nationally and internationally. The Centre was established in 2012 in the South Australian capital, Adelaide, and now hosts the resources of the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, which closed in 2012.

The Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture adheres to universal human values, human rights, and the laws of humanity, including the inviolable and inalienable right to life of every member of the human family, whatever the age, status or ability of that member, from conception to natural death.

Since bioethics addresses all kinds of issues faced by society in general, and particularly the very fundamental issues of human life and procreation which have at stake fundamental human rights, dignity and freedom, the Centre represents an effective contribution to the making of public policy in a non-party-political fashion.

The staff of the Centre are involved in continuous bioethical research, writing, and professional consultation on various subjects like reproductive technology, ethical issues in care of the aged, abortion, euthanasia, biotechnology, embryo experimentation, organ donation, resource allocation and many others.

The Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture is a community resource. We have educational services for individuals, students, institutions, community groups and politicians of all political persuasions. The Centre provides expert comments and submissions to governments, research committees and international forums.