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Common Ground? Seeking an Australian Consensus on Abortion and Sex Education

Edited by John Fleming PhD and Nicholas Tonti-Filippini PhD
ISBN: 978-1-9210326-4-6 | St Pauls Publications - Strathfield NSW 2007

"Too often social policy on abortion, sex education and a raft of related issues are determined with little reference to the grassroots convictions of the majority of the Australian population.

The voice of the people can now be heard thanks to the most comprehensive research on Australian attitudes ever undertaken. This research reveals an extraordinary consensus among Australians about the way these issues should be managed at the level of social policy.

The authors of this book call for a rational and civilised debate on these issues. While acknowledging intractable differences, such a debate can advance social policy by building on the vast area of common ground Australians share. The great majority support the need to reduce the number of abortions by non-coercive means, and the rights of women concerning informed consent and better knowledge of and access to alternatives to abortion."

living wills

Living Wills: An Ethical Analysis (booklet)

Zac Alstin

ISBN: 978-0-9581526-2-4 | Southern Cross Bioethics Institute - North Plympton SA 2007

Available from Southern Cross Bioethics Institute

"The purpose of this current paper is to consider the ethical licitness of living wills rather than ther empirical outcomes, while recognising that any assessment of these outcomes is determined in part by ethical licitness. An ethical analysis will reveal any intrinsic flaws in the theory of living wills, some of which may be responsible for the failure of living wills to achieve their goals. More importantly, an ethical analysis will show in principle whether living wills actually promote the good of the individual. Knowing the ethical licitness of a particular program may help us avoid wasting resources on ideas that simply cannot serve the good of the patient."


Give Women Choice: Australia Speaks on Abortion (booklet)

John I Fleming and S Ewing
ISBN: 0-9581526-1-6 | Southern Cross Bioethics Institute - North Plympton SA 2005
Available from Southern Cross Bioethics Institute

"Surveys of Australians' attitudes to abortion have historically focused on the issue of legal access.

Give Women Choice looks beyond this simple question, to measure how Australians really feel about abortion and how the issue has been managed.

This comprehensive nationwide survey shows that beneath in-principle support for abortion on demand, there is a significant disquiet about its use.

The vast majority of Australians endorse an approach which provides women with increased support and opportunity to choose to continue their pregnancies."


Human Embryos: A Limitless Scientific Resource? (booklet)

John I Fleming Gregory K Pike and S Ewing
ISBN: 0-9581526-0-8 | Southern Cross Bioethics Institute - North Plympton SA 2005
Available from Southern Cross Bioethics Institute

"...What the Research Involving Embryos and Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill 2002 really allows."