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"What did Sheen know?"

by Zac Alstin

"After me, the deluge"

by Zac Alstin

The Inherent Instability of Euthanasia

by Zac Alsin

Tired of Life?

by Dr Greg Pike

What is Mercy? Reflections on the True Nature of Mercy the context of Euthanasia

by Chelsea Pietsch

Understanding the Nature of Drug Addiction

by Matthew Tieu

Has the Definition of Death Collapsed?

by A/Prof Nicholas Tonti-Fillipini

The Moral Tableau of Abortion: Why Killing Abortionists Misses the Point

by Zac Alstin

Neuroethics: The Law and The Person

by Matthew Tieu

The Ethics of Caring: Expressing Humanity Towards Babies Born at the Borderline of Viability

by Kimberley Pfeiffer

Oh Baby Baby: The Problem of Surrogacy

by Matthew Tieu

The Clonal Age

by Dr Gregory Pike

Law & Culture: Justice & Bioethics in the 21st Century

by Dr Warwick Neville

Essential Killing: A Guide

by Zac Alstin

Surrogacy: Pregnancy and Babies in the Modern World

by Matthew Tieu

published in the Canberra Times, June 11, 2007

Death: Tragedy and what it cannot tell us

by Michael Ling

Are Some People Nuts? Refuting an Inappropriate Argument from Analogy

by Zac Alstin

The Law and Life: Unwanted Life and the Courts

by Dr Warwick Neville

Serving Mammon: Conflicts of Interest in the Professions

by Dr Gregory Pike

Infertile or not?

by Hayden Ramsay

Post-coital Intervention over the Counter

by Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Euthanasia by Omission: What the Parliament does not allow, the Courts allow

by Dr John Fleming

Reproductive Technology in Australia: Summarising the Data

by Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Humans vs Chimps: Small Steps for DNA, Giant Leaps for Us

by David Elder

Sex selection ‘approved’ by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

By Selena Ewing

Substance Abuse, Ethics and Public Policy

By Gregory K Pike

Universal Ethics – A Foundation for Global Dialogue

By Gill Griffin

Achieving National Regulation of Human Cloning

by Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Narratives of Regret

By Anna Krohn

Adult Stem Cells

By Dr Gregory K Pike

The Status of the Embryo in Church History

by Dr Gregory K Pike

Euthanasia Today and Euthanasia in Nazi Germany – Similarities and Dissimilarities

By Dr John Fleming

Performance Indicators of Harm Minimisation: Drug Policy Outcomes in Sweden, Australia and the United States

By Lucy Sullivan

Heroin Injecting Rooms and Catholic Health Care Services

By Dr J N Santamaria

Cloning: Sometimes ‘Nice’ and Sometimes ‘Nasty’?

By Dr John Fleming

Heroin Trials – No Easy Fix

by Dr Gregory K Pike

Realpolitik: Theology and the Culture of Death: Abortion, Politics and Law in Australian Capital Territory

By Dr Warwick Neville

Assisted Suicide becomes a Federal Case

By Richard M Doeflinger

Selling Dolly: An Ethical Hoax

By Hiram Caton

Abortion Review: Embarrassingly Flawed

By Anna Krohn

Multifetal Pregnancy and Selective Reduction

By Dr John Fleming

St Thomas Aquinas Euthanasia in South Australia

Dr Hayden Ramsey

Australian Senate Inquiry into Treatment of Hormone Recipients hears Negligence Allegations

By Melinda Tankard Reist

Research and Ye Shall Find

By Robert Manne

Surrogacy Arrangements: What Happened to Uniform Policy?

By Anna Krohn

Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995

By John Fleming

Mad Cows and Prions: Some Background for Bioethicists

By David Elder

Euthanasia and the Northern Territory Initiative

By Ian Freckleton

Christian Bioethics” A Non-Ecumenical Rebirth

By H Tristram Engelhardt, Jr

Abortion Services Report a Missed Opportunity

By Anthony Fisher

Ethical Reflections on a Proposed Law: Australia as an Accessory to Assault through Migration Legislation Amendment Bill 1995 (No. 4)

By Anthony Krohn

RU486 Trials – Controversy in Australia

By Melinda Tankard Reist

Knowledge, Power, and Prescriptions

By Laura Shanner

‘Dances with Data’: A Riposte

By Dr John Keown

How Reliable are Doctor’s Prescriptions?

by Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Rogers v Whitaker: Duty of Disclosure

By Arlene Macdonald

Will Euthanasia in the Netherlands be Legalised?

By H Jochemsen

Health Care Rationing: The Prior Consent Approach

By Peter G Woolcock

Chinese Controversies On Euthanasia

By Zhang Ju

The Quality Adjusted Life Year: A Social Technology

By Hiram Caton

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