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Substance Abuse

Information : Online Articles

Substance Abuse, Ethics and Public Policy
By Gregory K Pike

Performance Indicators of Harm Minimisation: Drug Policy Outcomes in Sweden, Australia and the United States
By Lucy Sullivan

Heroin Injecting Rooms and Catholic Health Care Services
By Dr J N Santamaria

Heroin Trials – No Easy Fix
by Dr Gregory K Pike

Other Articles

The Relationship between Drug Policy and Specific Outcomes
by Dr Gregory K Pike

Ethics and Substance Abuse
by Dr Gregory K Pike, Dr John I Fleming and Jill Pearman

Risk Compensation, Needle Exchanges and Bioethics
A paper delivered to Drug Summit Conference 2000
by Dr Gregory K Pike

Ethical Approach to the Development of Public Policy in the Field of Substance Abuse
A Paper delivered at the Fifth Global Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention, Rome, 2003
by Dr Gregory K Pike

South Australian Cannabis
by Dr Gregory Pike